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To be ABLE to is to WANT to,
and to want to, you need to BELIEVE
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Writer’s Block or also known as Fear of the Blank Page

22 October 2013

Has this ever happened to you?  What did you do?  How did it make you feel?  How to respond to this phenomenon that is linked to the blank page, to sales or anything else? You know me, all subjects are of interest and force me to reflect, ask questions and I enjoy sharing with friends, […]

Are we « Worldly »?

3 June 2013

Recently, as part of my EMBA program, I was in Argentina with my classmates, to learn and understand the motives for a company wanting to do business in a country other than their own. Why go there? When to go? How to go about it? What are the steps? Why one country rather than another? […]

Had I known!

22 March 2013

Good day to all my readers, Usually the term « had I known » depicts some form of regret, right? Had I known the weather in Quebec would be as nice, I would not have gone down South; Had I known that I could learn to play guitar, I would have started a long time ago; Does […]

Avoir su!

4 March 2013

Bonjour à vous mes lecteurs, Habituellement, cette expression « Avoir su » amène une forme de regret, n’est-ce pas? •    Avoir su que la température aurait été si belle au Québec, je ne serais pas partie dans le Sud; •    Avoir su que je réussirais à apprendre la guitare, j’aurais débuté bien avant; Ce genre […]

Too much is just as bad as not enough!

14 February 2013

Have you ever heard anyone say this? But what exactly does it mean? The true meaning lies in equilibrium, I think! Humans, being the complex thing we are (and I am the first to admit it), it is fascinating to see how we react. Let me give you a few examples of « TOO MUCH […]

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